Did I mention I love this holiday?
  1. Lumiere
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    From Beauty & the Beast! With my girlfriend as Babette, the feather duster and/or sexy French maid.
  2. John Snow
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    Printer is coming.
  3. Animal (from the Muppets)
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    Apparently I got way too into character (aka very drunk).
  4. Nate from Misfits
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    Man I really thought this edgy superhero show from Britain was more popular. Turns out nobody watches this show and I had to explain it all night.
  5. Where the Wild Things Are Monster
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    I hand painted/sharpied all of the details to look like a Maurice Sendak drawing.
  6. A mummy dressed as a pirate
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    ...while my friend Matt was a pirate dressed as a mummy. We didn't nail it this year.
  7. Tin Man
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    Rolling with a complete Oz crew!
  8. Captain Jack Sparrow
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    I stayed in character all night and it either delighted or pissed off lots of people. Oh, college!
  9. Aladdin
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    Look at this chubby college freshman who spent three hours straightening his hair!
  10. This year: BEETLEJUICE
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