Past Halloween Costumes I Have Worn

Did I mention I love this holiday?
  1. Lumiere
    From Beauty & the Beast! With my girlfriend as Babette, the feather duster and/or sexy French maid.
  2. John Snow
    Printer is coming.
  3. Animal (from the Muppets)
    Apparently I got way too into character (aka very drunk).
  4. Nate from Misfits
    Man I really thought this edgy superhero show from Britain was more popular. Turns out nobody watches this show and I had to explain it all night.
  5. Where the Wild Things Are Monster
    I hand painted/sharpied all of the details to look like a Maurice Sendak drawing.
  6. A mummy dressed as a pirate
    ...while my friend Matt was a pirate dressed as a mummy. We didn't nail it this year.
  7. Tin Man
    Rolling with a complete Oz crew!
  8. Captain Jack Sparrow
    I stayed in character all night and it either delighted or pissed off lots of people. Oh, college!
  9. Aladdin
    Look at this chubby college freshman who spent three hours straightening his hair!
  10. This year: BEETLEJUICE