Thanks to the prequels, Yoda is kind of all over the map, as a character.
  1. Humorless Superior
    Yoda spends most of the prequels sitting on stuff that floats, in senate or as part of the Jedi council, giving orders or being wise. Pretty dry stuff. I don't think he does his trademark giggle once.
  2. Ninja Superhero
    Yoda sure is good at jumping and doing flips during a light saber battle! You think he wouldn't have to work so hard, but whatever, Lucas!
  3. Rascally Trickster
    Luke crash-lands on Dagobah, where Yoda finds him and IMMEDIATELY starts fucking with him! He steals his food, he has a tug-of-war over a flashlight with R2, and he giggles like the most charming grandpa ever! WHERE IS THIS FUN IN THE PREQUELS? (Sure, you could argue Yoda's doing all this to test Luke's patience, but what a quirky side of one of the most powerful Jedi masters!)
  4. Foodie
    He makes fun of Luke's shitty energy bar thing, and then invites him back to his hut for some "GOOD food." What a fun detail! WISH HE WAS THIS FUN IN THE PREQUELS!
  5. Hands-On Teacher
    He could just be like "take some laps around the swamp," but no! Dude goes on a piggy back ride! Then he totally schools Luke on Force-lifting a whole damn ship!
  6. Really Fucking Old
    He's pretty much just in Return of the Jedi to say some stuff and die, right?