1. PARKING IN RED. Believe it or not, when I first moved to California I had never seen color-coded curbs before. Anyone else?
  2. NOT TURNING WHEELS on a hill. It's happened to all of us. And it's total bullshit. Pretty sure they solved this problem with brakes and it's an antiquated rule.
  3. STREET SWEEPING. Such a bitch.
  4. PARKING TOO LONG. Yeah this has happened to all of us too. They chalk your tires and getcha.
  5. FEEDING A METER. Says 2 hour parking - Ok when it's up and I'll just put more money in right? Wrong. They mark your tires and get you for not moving your car. Santa Monica is great at this.
  6. REGISTRATION OVERDUE. Duh. Ok so I'm not going to drive it. But then they got me for having an out of registration car PARKED ON THE STREET.
  7. FIX IT TICKET. "Officer, ok my registration is overdue but what happens if I get pulled over again before my DMV appointment in 2 weeks? Oh you can only get ONE fix it ticket? GREAT." ... And then I got a fix it ticket from the Santa Monica police, Beverly Hills police, and West Hollywood police. ALL DIFFERENT jurisdictions.
  8. TOTAL BULLSHIT for last: valet from a bar was closing so my friend moved her car to the lot directly across the street. 100 ft tops. But we were pulled over b/c the cops were camped out checking for sobriety as ppl left the bar. Driver was fine of course. But all three of us in the backseat were cited for no seat belts. $350 each.
  9. Jaywalking, DTLA. It was 6 am and I was heading to a workout. One cop wrote a ticket while the other watched me like I was going to threaten them with my swim gear. $195
    Suggested by @magdalenam
  10. Blocking my own garage.
    Suggested by @hochhauser