1. Your company raised a new or additional round of funding
  2. Your company has a new partner or integration
  3. Your executive is speaking at a conference, webinar, or tweetchat
  4. Your executive has a point of view on a subject that is timely and has not been written about by an executive
  5. You have a new or updated product or solution to announce
  6. You have hired a new executive
  7. You have amazing results from a case study
  8. You are publishing an original study with newsworthy facts
  9. Your new infographic tells a good story
  10. You've got a unique work environment
  11. One of your employees has made a difference volunteering
  12. You or your company has won an award
  13. An analyst firm has written about your company in a report
  14. You have quotable thoughts on a trending topic
  15. Your company is exhibiting at a show
  16. A celebrity is working with your company
  17. Your company is doing a creative publicity stunt
  18. Your company is announcing an IPO
  19. Your company is announcing a merger
  20. Your company is being acquired
  21. Your competitor has made a major announcement
  22. Your company has moved
  23. Your company has significantly grown
  24. Your company is starting a new division
  25. Your company is hosting a newsworthy event