1. How to construct a healthy breakfast using only Pilot/Loves Truck Stop items
  2. The correct way of talking back to a difficult sound engineer
  3. How to sleep anywhere anytime and on anything
  4. How to politely answer the same 3 questions over and over again
  5. How to keep your clothes from getting wrinkled and/or how to not care if your clothes are wrinkled...
  6. ...convincing yourself that three weeks without doing laundry is not an indicator of mental illness
  7. Optimum frisbee type for current terrain
  8. Bathroom location at every Whole Foods in America
  9. How to get through the El Paso checkpoint without becoming overly enraged at the unconstitutionality of the experience
  10. The time and place for Jimmy Johns. See also: Pita Pit
  11. What makes the Gatorade bottle more special than all the other bottles
  12. Accepting that a "day off" is never really a day off
  13. How to kill hours in a van with a weird list making app your girlfriend sent you