here are some fav breeds in no particular order
  1. bloodhounds
  2. rottweilers
  3. hovawarts
    this is a real breed and they are great dogs i did NOT MISSPELL HOGWARTS
  4. golden retrievers
    honest standby, when i think of dogs a picture of a golden retriever pops into my head. right after a picture of a hovawart
  5. rescue pups (please adopt from shelters)
  6. american indian dog
  7. german shepherd
  8. nova scotia duck tolling retriever
  9. rhodesian ridgeback
  10. irish wolfhound
  11. english mastiff
  12. border collies
    fun fact: border collies have a lot of different coat colors, not just black and white.
  13. alaskan malamute
  14. basset hound
  15. australian cattle dog
    this was my favorite breed from something like 2006-2010
  16. leonberger
  17. newfoundland
  18. bernese mountain dog
  19. st bernard
  20. airedale terrier
  21. pit bull
    actually a *type* of dog and not a definitive breed, some pit bull breeds include: american pit bull terrier, american staffordshire terrier, american bulldog, staffordshire bull terrier.
  22. jack russell terrier
    not to be confused with the PARSON russell terrier
  23. parson russell terrier
    not to be confused with the JACK russel terrier
  24. akita
  25. dogue de bordeaux
    see "Turner and Hooch" w Tom Hanks
  26. australian shepherd
    these dogs were bred in the USA actually. idk man.
  27. basque shepherd dog
  28. basenji
    i have never met a basenji but they are sweet looking and they are known for vocalizing primarily in a yodel-like sound rather than barking and how cute is that???
  29. sarloos wolfhound
  30. beauceron
  31. maremma sheepdog
  32. belgian shepherd dog
    this can be split across three different varieties, the groenendael, the laekenois, the tervuren, and the malinois. you are probably familiar w the malinois but you probably thought it was a german shepherd, because you didnt know.
  33. redbone coonhound
  34. weimaraner
  35. komondor
  36. swedish vallhund
  37. white shepherd
    basically white german shepherds are their own breed.
  38. black and tan coonhound
  39. italian spinone