My favorite parts of Paris during my week visit
  1. Eiffel Tower - Obviously. However, it is very crowded near the tower itself, and people are always badgering you to buy something. I recommend eating at Les hombres rooftop near by for an exceptional view.
  2. Printemps department store - There is a gorgeous view on the roof terrace of all of Paris, and it is free! No need to pay for the other options
  3. Palace of Versailles - visiting the palace in Versailles was he highlight of my trip even though it is outside Paris. My girlfriend and I went to the grocery store and had a marvelous picnic in the gardens
  4. Luxembourg palace - this palace had beautiful gardens as well. Perfect for reading a book on a sunny day. It is much closer and is close to the Notre Dame
  5. Latin Quarter - Dinner can be very expensive, especially near touristy locations. However, the Latin quarter is a student area and there are many cheap dining options. We had a traditional French dinner with an appetizer, entree and desert for ten euro a person. Happy hours can also extend to ten pm. I recommend the snails ;)
  6. Catacombs- Strolling past 6 million skeletons underground was a surreal experience
  7. Bertillon ice-cream - delightful on the sweet tooth
  8. Bato-bus - This canal cruise will take you to all the main tourist destinations along the Seine river. Many restaurants have discount coupons in the bathroom. Make sure to grab one, and you'll only pay 11 euro for the whole day. They run until 9:30 pm in the summer months.