Photos of my giant cat

I didn't know that naming him Simba would make him grow up to be the size of a lion. Damn self-fulfilling prophecies.
  1. Simba on a stair
    How are you so long, cat?
  2. Simba on my chest
    Boobs make the best pillows, or so I'm told
  3. Simba wants attention
    "Stop digitizing drawings and pet me."
  4. Simba requesting a belly rub
    For exactly 3.7 seconds and then it's all over
  5. Simba telling me to stop washing my hands
    "If your hands are wet, you can't pet me"
  6. Simba on a leash
    When an indoor Simba wants to be outside in the city, it's leash time.
  7. Simba being almost dog-sized
    He wishes there was no dog next to him
  8. An actual lion
    Basically, they're the same size