Places where the normal rules of life seem to not apply and no one is held accountable
  1. I-290 (the Eisenhower) expressway in Chicago
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    Merging from the left, insane people... Might as well be the Autobahn.
  2. Indoor play places at fast food restaurants
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    5 kids go in, one always mysteriously disappears. Is he eaten by the others? Did he scream to death? Where the hell are his parents? These questions go unanswered. I'm pretty sure these are what The Hunger Games are based off of.
  3. Randolph Street in the West Loop of Chicago
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    There are multiple lanes of traffic, two boulevard type things running through the middle of the street and practically no signage regarding the right direction for parking. The insane amount of trendy restaurants in this area have attempted to bring some order to the chaos with their valet parking, but there's still plenty of loopholes to be found.
  4. the timeless tradition of dibs.
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