A virtual mixtape of mixed emotions. This was cathartic.
  1. She Will Be Loved | Maroon 5
    Please don't try so hard to say goodbye
  2. Wildest Dreams | Taylor Swift
    He's so tall and handsome as hell
  3. Ordinary People | John Legend
    Maybe we'll live and learn / Maybe we'll crash and burn
  4. Stitches (Acoustic) | Shawn Mendes
    If I quit calling you my lover / Move on
  5. Say Goodbye | Beck
    Is it time to go away / And try again some other day
  6. You And I Both | Jason Mraz
    And it's ok if you have to go away / Just remember the telephone, well it works both ways
  7. All Your Favorite Bands | Dawes
    And may all your favorite bands stay together
  8. Last Request | Paulo Nutini
    Sure I can accept that we're going nowhere / But one last time let's go there / Lay down beside me