1. Lay propped up in bed using this stupid app
  2. Work on my latest story or reply emails. (I'm a travel editor)
  3. Have a 'filler' series and procrastinate sleep episode by episode.
  4. Find a 'filler' series.
    So @isasqw and I have discussed the meaning of this. A 'filler' series is one that you watch in those periods of time where you're 1) bored, 2) are procrastinating doing something you need to be doing, and 3) when you just have nothing to do as you're eating, on the john, and etc.
  5. Go onto various social media platforms and stalk people, media personalities, entertainment outlets, or find interesting content.
  6. Play with my cat.
  7. Read the latest ebook in my phone.
  8. Think of what to do tomorrow.