For the nights where you're drowning in nothing or everything
  1. Get drunk to a good plot
    Grab a 6-pack, turn on a movie, and get drunk to a good plot.
  2. Have mindless conversations
    Head to the park near home with a friend, and a beer in hand. Settle down on one of the benches, and chat away. Topics range from mindless repeated conversations about the times you've had together, the people you hate, and more.
  3. Me only: Rearrange your whole goddamned room
    When you're either bored as hell, or stressed as fuck, go rearrange your room. You'll love the final look, and will have what feels like a nice new environment to chill the fuck out in.
  4. Girls only: Paint your nails
    There's nothing like giving your nails a fresh pretty coat of paint, as you catch up on the latest The Mindy Project episodes.
  5. Eat the boredom away
    In Singapore where there are plenty 24/7 supper spots, head to your 'crave du jour' and nom the night away.