I hate coffee
  1. When hate becomes love
    I never used to be a coffee drinker. That's where @isasqw came in. Imagine: Flew to Bali for a media trip, didn't sleep for 2 days, and had to survive interviews and the packed itinerary planned for us. That's where caffeine was no longer an option but a NEED. Now, coffee is almost a regular need. (Hi my beautiful bag of old town white hazelnut coffee)
  2. When something new becomes something old
    So when we were in Bali, one of the last things we did before leaving, was to visit a coffee plantation. We tried every type of coffee and I fell in love with coconut coffee, very surprisingly. (Not a fan of coconut gratings, or coconut scented products.) Coconut coffee turned out to taste really creamy and delicious. Now I have it as a treat on really bad days. Wonder what will happen when my bag runs out lol
  3. When you find something old to replace something new
    So my boyfriend's parents recommended the pretty traditional Old Town's hazelnut white coffee. It tastes almost similar to the coconut coffee from Bali! I now have it on the regular.
  4. When it becomes something to bond over
    @isasqw loves her damned lattes and that instagrammable latte art crap. Needless to say, we'll be bonding over cappuccinos for a very long time. (Whenever we do go out to cafes, that is.)