Things that make me realize I'm a boring grown up.

  1. I never actually feel like going in the pool.
    When I was a kid I swore I'd be the cool kind of adult that swims and slashes in the pool with the kids. I never do that unless I am the only adult around and I have no choice. Otherwise I'm sitting in a lounge chair talking to the grown ups about boring things.
  2. The best weekends include cleaning out a drawer or a closet.
    Seriously, a trip to Goodwill to unload two big bags of stuff and it's like the best weekend ever.
  3. I say things like, "THIS is dinner, so you better eat!"
    Cause what the F when we are at some sick buffet or BBQ with food everywhere and then we get home dog tired and my kids go, "What's for dinner?"
  4. When someone invites me out after work I compare the thought of their company to Netlix and Netflix usually wins.
  5. When I make plans to go out after work I usually regret it and wish I was home watching Netflix.