Because a lady never refuses a gent ... or @papanutz
  1. You saw these coming
    The holy grail of benedaxtions -- UK sz 39 please and thank you
  2. Diamonds are a dax's best friend
    Duh. And you know me, I cannot bear to buy myself jewelry b/c it's so tiny and I can only justify spending one single $ on anything -- so I only ever get it as a gift. Also: there is something about rings specifically that they make your fingers feel like more than fingers && I've been known to stare at my hands perpetually when they're clad in shiny bits therefore your gift would be beyond appreciated by my eyeballs
  3. DI$NEY bits!!
    These are from a lil etsy shop + you just know I've wasted hours ogling them. Bonus b/c think about how well they'd go with a certain present I was privy to you purchasing
  4. Similarly...
  5. P!N$
    This specifically is probably the Herc pin I want most of all (& it's LE 3000 so not that rare or spensive) b/c look @ lil Pain and Panic dressed as Meg and the titular stud, just look @ it
  6. Sugar Daxy bring me home
    Again off of etsy//my love of Hedwig + my love of vices is unmatched
  7. Speaking of vices ...
    Pretty much a lil taser for your lighting pleasure (a rechargeable Tesla Coil Lighter off amazon). It's so pretty and ethereal but it doesn't actually have a flame so I think I might not actually like this in practice
  8. 4 the practical pyro in ur life
    Now this is something I can get behind. From LighterBro off amazon
  9. El Niño takes no survivors
    A lil protection from my favorite element in the form of a gr88 anime repro <3
  10. Home Daxorations
    Cute lil posters with loads of character, like this vintage ad from etsy
    The greatest Shakespeare shirt of all time that currently is not being produced anywhere, the only image I could find sux so please to be using your imagination
  12. Bumper Stickerz!!
    This ones from etsy. Lil and cheap but quite personal, ++ Ezra likes to be dressed to the nines
  13. Again, etsy
  14. And a lil more etsy
  15. Have a Grateful Day!!
    More Ezra merch, I'm partial to the skeleton one -- but there's a whole rainbow of Grateful Dead license plate frames out there
  16. Kawaii knives
    Self explanatory; bonus b/c these shiny vintage ones from etsy are actually Japan made
  17. Lipstick knife
    It's so me!!
  18. Daxing Queen allusions
  19. B00KZ
    My five page Amazon wish list is entirely readables, but anything'll do as long as it's full of words, words, words
  20. A cute CD holder maybe
    The innards of my car (Ezra) are a daxaster to say the least; I'm up to my ears in CDs and I never ever take the time to put them away -- maybe a lil organization will do me good
  21. A cow watch
  22. Dark Mark temp tats
    To display my inner Dax Eater
  23. Vintage fur
    With or without help I will be getting my hands on a real cheap fur coat to throw red paint at & then work into my everyday wardrobe a la Hedwig
  24. And finally,, concert tix!!
    Because honestly, as far as $$$ go, experiences are so much more valuable than lil material things