Requested by Caleb K.


Because a lady never refuses a gent ... or @papanutz
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    You saw these coming
    The holy grail of benedaxtions -- UK sz 39 please and thank you
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    Diamonds are a dax's best friend
    Duh. And you know me, I cannot bear to buy myself jewelry b/c it's so tiny and I can only justify spending one single $ on anything -- so I only ever get it as a gift. Also: there is something about rings specifically that they make your fingers feel like more than fingers && I've been known to stare at my hands perpetually when they're clad in shiny bits therefore your gift would be beyond appreciated by my eyeballs
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    DI$NEY bits!!
    These are from a lil etsy shop + you just know I've wasted hours ogling them. Bonus b/c think about how well they'd go with a certain present I was privy to you purchasing
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    This specifically is probably the Herc pin I want most of all (& it's LE 3000 so not that rare or spensive) b/c look @ lil Pain and Panic dressed as Meg and the titular stud, just look @ it
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    Sugar Daxy bring me home
    Again off of etsy//my love of Hedwig + my love of vices is unmatched
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    Speaking of vices ...
    Pretty much a lil taser for your lighting pleasure (a rechargeable Tesla Coil Lighter off amazon). It's so pretty and ethereal but it doesn't actually have a flame so I think I might not actually like this in practice
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    4 the practical pyro in ur life
    Now this is something I can get behind. From LighterBro off amazon
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    El Niño takes no survivors
    A lil protection from my favorite element in the form of a gr88 anime repro <3
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    Home Daxorations
    Cute lil posters with loads of character, like this vintage ad from etsy
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    The greatest Shakespeare shirt of all time that currently is not being produced anywhere, the only image I could find sux so please to be using your imagination
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    Bumper Stickerz!!
    This ones from etsy. Lil and cheap but quite personal, ++ Ezra likes to be dressed to the nines
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    Again, etsy
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    And a lil more etsy
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    Have a Grateful Day!!
    More Ezra merch, I'm partial to the skeleton one -- but there's a whole rainbow of Grateful Dead license plate frames out there
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    Kawaii knives
    Self explanatory; bonus b/c these shiny vintage ones from etsy are actually Japan made
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    Lipstick knife
    It's so me!!
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    Daxing Queen allusions
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    My five page Amazon wish list is entirely readables, but anything'll do as long as it's full of words, words, words
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    A cute CD holder maybe
    The innards of my car (Ezra) are a daxaster to say the least; I'm up to my ears in CDs and I never ever take the time to put them away -- maybe a lil organization will do me good
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    A cow watch
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    Dark Mark temp tats
    To display my inner Dax Eater
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    Vintage fur
    With or without help I will be getting my hands on a real cheap fur coat to throw red paint at & then work into my everyday wardrobe a la Hedwig
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    And finally,, concert tix!!
    Because honestly, as far as $$$ go, experiences are so much more valuable than lil material things