Ya girl has been binge watching conspiracy documentaries
  1. The Mole People
    Empirical data shows that the shot that killed JFK came from a lil manhole in the street... So it's either the mole ppl or one of the TMNT gone rogue
  2. Lyndon Johnson
    Ha ha who wouldn't kill 2 be president? The guy who was his fuckin attorney for his entire career believes this & speaks out about it openly... B careful what u say around the help
  3. A French trio
    3 French d00ds hired by the American mob... Cold hard killerz with no real business meddling in US politics (except they made it their business bc of all the heroin they got paid with). Goes hand 'n hand with the badge man theory
    O k, o k -- first shot nicks Kenny Boy & the senator THEN the secret service follow up car goes bananas, Agent Hickey stands up, gets his rifle out, and accidentally fires the killing shot when he loses his footing or some such ... ACC!D3NTALLY
  5. Bobby Kennedy
    What was he up to while someone was "killing" his "brother" ... Sketchy ... Also some accounts claim he demanded his bros brain before any autopsy could take place & that's just one of the s1lly, not procedural occurrences that happened post mortem
  6. Da Mob
    The umbrella tells it all ... There was ample reason for them 2 have a vendetta against JFK, just read your history books kiddos
  7. Fidel Castro
    Oh you just know he had it out for Ol' Jack -- he also had the means 2 make just about everyone do his dirty work
  8. Jackie ¿
    She looked real cute in that pink Chanel suit ... Almost suspiciously cute ... Like she knew that outfit would go down in history ... Hmmmm ... Also the Warren Commission totally overlooked her & she ran off and got remarried real quick after
  9. Lee Harvey Oswald
    Jk I thought I'd just be s1lly for a minute, no way was he a guilty party