1. the betrothed - alessandro manzoni
    this is where my late grandfather got his name. "renzo." not "lorenzo," just "renzo." I stole my mom's copy for a while, but now I have my own. now to read it!
  2. drift - rachel maddow
    she's been my favorite news anchor this political season, and this is a topic that troubles and interests me. I'm sure this is smart, thoughtful, and informative.
  3. the enneagram: a journey of self discovery - maria beesing
    idk I like this shit okay
  4. of mice and men - john steinbeck
    I already own a copy of this, but the one I bought today is gorgeous
  5. vietnam: poetic words from the unknowns
    I once called my grandpa to talk about vietnam, and regretted it the minute I heard his voice on the line. he said "I'm sorry, honey, i can't go there. no." I hung up and cried for everything. war poetry hurts.
  6. collected stories - carol shields
    I've never read carol shields, I actually know nothing about her, but I usually like authors' short fiction as well as anything, so this is good
  7. the crossing - cormac mccarthy
    any cormac mccarthy I can get my hands on is exciting
  8. twenty love poems and a song of despair - pablo neruda
    ditto neruda
  9. scribner anthology of contemporary short fiction
    50 stories since 1970. this is my shit right here
  10. man and his symbols - carl jung
    memories, dreams, reflections spoke to me on the deepest level, and my friend thinks I should be a jungian analyst. not sure I'm good enough for that world, but I'm interested to take a look at this. also, it's "profusely illustrated": bonus excitement
  11. the little book of vegan poems - benjamin zephaniah
    read zephaniah for my lit class last semester and have a feeling this is going to be perfect and fun