I can't concentrate on one thing or mood. Pictures are of my actual books because how fucking rad
  1. Robinson Crusoe
    Daniel Defoe. I was supposed to have finished this weeks ago for my lit class, but I got behind. So here I am, still there, but I'm determined to make it through supposedly the first novel (but what about don quixote? idk), so i feel that burden to finish it. it's okay
  2. Back in the World
    Tobias Wolff is one of my absolute favorites. I love and trust his voice. It often takes me a long time to get through one of his collections -- not because I am bored or uninterested, but because consuming too quickly feels greedy or something similar to that. It's complicated. He's one to be savored. I love Tobias Wolff and I love short stories and I love this.
  3. I Was Told There'd Be Cake
    Sloane Crosley. Shamelessly, this is my "I'm tired and I just want to be entertained" book right now. But i love essays and I love memoirs, so it's good. only through one essay, so I can't really give a comprehensive opinion, but I'm reading it so its on the list
  4. You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense
    Bukowski. My first. A mix of grit and sensitivity that I admire, though I'm not sure what I think yet. I don't know if I'm tough enough or wounded enough for this right now. But I'm taking it in. Listening, at least, if not feeling it all.
  5. Down the Highway: The Life of Bob Dylan
    by Howard Sounes. In a Dylan class right now (it's as cool as it sounds) and this is the "required text." Falling into a beautiful abyss. Weird, though, because when I love someone's work, I have a dilemma of wanting to know as much about the creator as I can and wanting to respect and allow room for a private life. Kind of doing that right now, although I think Dylan has been masterful in not letting too much of himself be given over to the wolves.
  6. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    I, rather pretentiously, gave up on Harry Potter in 8th grade after reading and hating (idk how) the 3rd book. Then my first semester of college, we read the first book in my lit class and I've been making my way through (and enjoying it this time. What a cheeky little dweeb I was). A relaxing but ingratiating read for me right now
  7. Norwegian Wood
    After wanting to read Haruki Murakami for a lifetime and never being able to find him in a used bookstore, I finally got my hands on this. But I've taken a break, promising to return when I have the energy. Something about this is not what I need right now. It's not that it's bad, it's just that now is not the time.