Rational, irrational, whatever -- these things are fucking with my feelings right now
  1. Living With a Wild God
    by Barbara Ehrenreich. Found this at the bookstore the other week after hearing about it on NPR a number of years ago, and it couldn't have come at a more appropriate time for me. Been going through some weird but fascinating psychological shit since the semester started, and this is a great companion for me right now.
  2. Dexter
    Mostly in it for the way Michael C Hall-y Shit catches his shirt on his lips in the opening credits, but also interested in the gray morality that accompanies trauma. Almost in the vein (bam!) of 'In Cold Blood' for me (albeit, the fiction and motivational clarity of Dexter make it much less disturbing and consequential than Capote -- I know that). Dexter, let's just say, stimulates me on a number of levels.
  3. Bernie
    Like Dexter, mostly here for the sex appeal. But really -this is the exception to my "currently" label. Bernie is consistent, he is moral, and he is running because he actually gives a shit about the American people. He's fucking fighting for us. He's our rare fucking chance. Please, please, please, friends. Vote!
  4. Blonde on Blonde
    Dylan in general is killing me lately. And again, the sex appeal is so there in this weird way that kinda concerns me (am I just mega horny and simply hiding behind high ideas?). The way Dylan says "oh, mama!" in Memphis Blues makes me wonder if I have the maternal version of a "daddy" fetish. Gross, Kaylie. (Also, it's not even a sexy song?? Dylan's not even sexy??) Lololol.) But really, this album is A++ and I've been listening to it nonstop for a few weeks now
  5. Homemade french fries
    I don't fucking know why on this one. But I used my last potato today and it made my heart sink. I bake them without oil, so I convince myself they're healthy. But let's be real: they're fucking french fries. Also, France is sexy, so that's probs what's up