I have been silent

  1. not because I don't care about what is happening.
  2. I have never been more sick to my stomach.
  3. But I have been silent
  4. because I do not feel like my voice has any authority
  5. like my words are prepared enough to represent or defend.
  6. but tonight I could not stay silent
  7. when someone I love
  8. was uninformed and wrong.
  9. I realized that my voice is a helper. that my silence, too, has been feeding the problem.
  10. that I am capable of having conversations that influence those around me.
  11. I have been hesitant
  12. because I did not want to lay claim to someone else's experience.
  13. But in the space I left for voices with greater authority, I found ignorance and hate lighting fires.
  14. I will continue to leave room for voices much stronger and important than mine, but I refuse to let ugliness take the stage.
  15. I have not been apathetic
  16. but I have been silent
  17. and I am not proud of that.
  18. I'm sorry that it has taken so long.
  19. from now on, I promise to do everything I can. To listen and hear and support your voices. To inform myself every day. To lessen the burden. And to speak with as much power and poise as I can muster.