1. peanut butter burrito
    tortilla+pb. surprisingly disgusting. I was desperate and ate it for two days in a row. 2/10 (but only because peanut butter is solid 7/10 on its own)
  2. a can of beans (any variety) with a bunch of spices swirled in
    usually ends up tasting disgusting. always gives me a bellyache for 2-3 days. 1/10
  3. baked potato with salsa
    is this weird? not sure. not too bad. 3/10
  4. a can of chickpeas
    that's it. i have eaten chickpeas straight out of the can more than once or ten times. it's not too bad, but leaves me feeling horribly bloated. 2/10
  5. green bean and ketchup sandwiches
    contingent on me having green beans, ketchup, and bread. if I don't have one of these, I will still eat the other two together. 3/10
  6. toast + pasta sauce
    saddest breadsticks 'cause it's just bread. 2/10