Most of the time I LOL for fake but I LOLed for real
  1. My Spanish professor put up a picture of Enrique Iglesias and sat there smiling at it like a dope for a solid 15 second and then just said "él es incrediblé" and I died
  2. I facetimed with my 20-month-old niece and she started this new thing this week where she gets a big cheeser if you tell her to "smile with your teeth" and it is the freaking cutest thing I've ever seen. I was shedding joy from my fingertips
  3. My 70-yo gay professor was discreetly describing the shower sex he had this morning and it was super entertaining and I'm pretty sure only a third of the class knew what was going on.
    I LOLed more than once, but probably the most at "but I told Don I thought I was getting more adventurous the older I get and he said, 'maybe, but you need to be more careful.' Whatever, Don"
  4. Also this