usually I'm a narcissistic sack of shit. don't be fooled.
  1. The lady I babysit for wrote "you're the best" in the subject line of my check because I watched her kids for longer hours and lower wages. parenthood is no easy cheesy and if I can help a mother out hell yeah I'll do it
  2. Also, her kids told me they loved me 5 times that day and I realized I made an unintentional impression on them
  3. My 21-month-old niece (yes, I speak in month terms because it matters) wouldn't look at me when I left to go back home, she just stared out the window and refused to give me a hug or kiss, and I got this text from my sister later
    It made me cry. Sometimes I think I'm a lame aunt, but something that is present in the both of us talks to each other
  4. My brother told me "I don't talk to anyone else about this stuff," and it made me feel like maybe I do something good and respond to his concerns and issues in some okay way
  5. talked with my professor about his cat that died over break and when we were parting ways he went for a fist bump and then rethought it and pulled me in for a hug
  6. Got an email with the line "you matter to me" and it mattered to me