I'm a very moody reader and I probably will end up reading something else. But these are what I'm in the mood for right now Feb 16, 2016
  1. On the Road
    Because I've been wanting to read Kerouac for years, but I wanted to start with this and I finally broke down and bought it. Fits into this Dylan period im in right now. Been waiting and feel like it's finally the time.
  2. Uses of Literature by Rita Felski
    I went to my prof's office hours expressing concern about the culture of academic English and he gave me this to read. He told me to read it over the summer, but it's been 9 months since the summer ended and I still have it. What a piece of shit. Also, I gave him one of my very favorite books as hostage in case this very thing happened, and I want it back. And I need to read this. An argument that reading for enjoyment & theory are essential and reliant on one another. Both useful. Gonna read it
  3. Camus' Notebooks, 1935-1942
    Another of my profs gave this to me last week and I am determined not to repeat my mistakes. He said, "don't lose it -- I've had for, like, 40 years," so I feel very responsible. Also just in the mood for Camus. That simple.
  4. A Moveable Feast
    Because I read The Sun Also Rises last summer and loved it. Feeling a need for Hemingway in my life right now idk okay
  5. A Fighting Chance
    Because I don't know much about Elizabeth Warren and I feel like I should
  6. Klingsor's Last Summer
    Because I love all things Hermann Hesse and if I go a while without reading him I feel off
  7. Live From New York
    Because I love snl and will stand by its side but I haven't read this and that's dumb
  8. Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri
    Know nothing besides the fact that I want to read it
  9. If I Die in Combat Zone
    Because I love Tim O'Brien and something about the rawness and honestly (I'm not getting the right words) of his prose fucks me up. The first-hand knowing that can't be faked. Fucks me up