Deal with it.
  1. The Girl on the Train
    I didn't even want to read it but it was lent to me, unsolicited, and I felt obligated
  2. The Book of Negroes
    Why do people like this book so much? I thought the writing style was overwrought and also, every notable event in the history of slavery happened to this one woman? C'mon.
  3. Frog Music
    I wanted to like this book but it was godawful
  4. The Circle
    Just terrible. The idea of a near future tech dystopia is okay, I guess, but this book reads like a group of high school students got together and brainstormed every crazy bad thing they can imagine resulting from technology and the internet. Also, Dave Eggers writes women in the most offensively bad way.
  5. Historical fiction.
    All of it. It is all terrible, and also deeply offends the almost-historian in me.
  6. A Brief History of Seven Killings
    This is a controversial opinion! I just could not get into this book. Also, I never like the Booker prize winner. Why is that?