Team EC/Doose all the way.
  1. Gigi Hayden's full name is Georgia Hayden.
  2. The first line uttered on the show is "please Luke! Please, please please"
    In reference to wanting coffee.
  3. Rory was wearing an old Ramones t-shirt when she met Lane for the first time.
    And Lane shared her crayons.
  4. The Stars Hollow Town Square and gazebo can be seen in the robbery scene in the final Seinfeld episode.
  5. The pilot was filmed in Unionville, Ontario.
  6. Sean Gunn played a character named Mick, not Kurt, in the pilot.
    Installing a DSL line, no less.
  7. There was no staircase in Richard and Emily's living room in the first season.
  8. Drella the harp player is also Celine the dresser/stylist.
  9. The planned Jess spin-off was going to be called Windward Circle
  10. Jackson's Town Selectman campaign slogan is "Select Jackson, Select the Best"
  11. Luke's Dad's hardware store was called William's Hardware.
  12. Luke lettered in track (hurdles) at Stars Hollow High.
  13. Luke's dark day is November 30th
    The day his father died.
  14. Hep Alien covers the song "Believe it or Not" when Jackson wins the Town Selectman election.