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Normal day, normal app list diary thing.
  1. Up: colleague's birthday and she brought in mad amounts of balloons, cake and glitter and gave us all pencils with crowns on them
  2. Down: received an angry email and it made my stomach go all flippy
  3. Up: have not been too busy at work which is rare because I'm at a startup
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Make no mistake: if you’re 25, you’re not longer in your early twenties. Maybe you could get away with saying you were in your early twenties when you were 24, but you were pushing it then, and you’re just lying now.
  1. Autonomy: you’re not at the beck and call of your parents. They may have even accepted you as a real, live adult.
  2. Identity: you’re working out who you want to be, and that is scary but also will shape your life in an incredible way, and will never stop shaping it.
  3. Structure: not being a student has its perks. You have more control over how you spend your day because you haven’t woken up at 12 and wasted half of it!
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