As normal as it gets
  1. Snoop Dogg reading Lolita while flying coach
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    He's about 50 pages in, admirable considering Nabokov's prose is tough enough without people taking pictures of the side of your face
  2. This pile of doll legs
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  3. This useless garment
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    It looks like a skirt made of disposable plates
  4. A racist meme
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    It's genocide under international laws!!!
  5. Snoop Dogg at SeaWorld
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    It seems like Snoop Dogg has the same travel agent as my uncle Dennis
  6. This person
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    Spooky? Alluring? She has a tattoo of an anchor on her chin.
  7. This
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    A kinky unicorn pulling a chariot for some sort of deranged weed queen
  8. This mosaic of British royalty kissing
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