With a selected passage
  1. B.Z. Scentedcandle
    His penis was to be found within his trousers, she supposed. And when she checked, she was right.
  2. Eleanor Dorito
    She liked to paraglide, and always envisioned getting her screw on while 'gliding. But until she met Sally, it had seemed impossible.
  3. B.O. Savory
    They were both idiots, too stupid to know how to kiss. But they kissed anyway, being total screwballs in front of the whole school. The worst.
  4. Danny Pasqualichio
    The island was just big enough for them to bang. Sure, one person's feet had to be in the ocean, but they took turns getting banged with dry feet.
  5. Wade Boggs
    His dinker got superduper long. It got longer than a pencil. It went up and up and up until it was next to the moon. Then it was so long.
  6. Gillian Phlegmlee
    He had jumped off a moving horse and his meniscus got torn real bad. Lying there with his shitty knee, he almost looked powerless.
  7. Ursula Whistles
    She cupped his precious danglers in her open palms. "Precious danglers", she whispered, "the golden Nutbag. God's miracle sauce packet."
  8. Boobs N. Butts
    She was 10 feet tall and she ran the 100 meter dash in 5 seconds. She had fucked every guy she had ever met except for Greg.
  9. O. That Feelsnice
    Her vagina was like a brand new Dodge Viper. It was great. He cummed and then he farted so loud that the house shook on its foundation.
  10. Stick Watkins
    She smelled like garlic. He thought to ask why, but then he remembered: this is the German Chancellor of War. How she smells is none of my beeswax.