Enough of these tired, recycled clichés
  1. They burst through the door kissing and fumbling around
    How did they unlock the door? Was it unlocked? What if there is a robber inside?
  2. There is a burglar inside the apartment stealing the guy's Plasma TV
  3. The burglar tries to get out through the fire escape
  4. The guy shoots the burglar as he tries to flee
  5. Just as he takes his last breath, the burglar says "tell my wife I love her"
  6. The girl shoots the burglar in the head again and he dies
  7. The girl insists that they get rid of the body because she has a criminal record
  8. The guy bakes the robber's body into thousands of muffins
  9. They open a bakery together to inconspicuously dispose of all the body muffins
  10. It works until one day when the town widow buys a dozen muffins and bites into her husband's wedding ring
  11. The couple gets sentenced to death
  12. The judge gives them both the middle finger and tells them he'll never eat another muffin
  13. They are hanged in the town square and everyone gives a standing ovation
  14. The mayor gives everyone the next day off of work
  15. Gay best friend