It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. These are the things that are said over bad business lunches and hourlong meetings. Glamour. Luxury. The movie biz.
  1. We need to be different
    But also the same
  2. We need to make a new John Hughes movie
    But different
  3. We need to find a big international audience
    But keep a strong emphasis on story
  4. No one makes movies like "the graduate" anymore
    But we probably shouldn't try
  5. What about Bradley Cooper?
    Egh he's probably too expensive
  6. The goddamn Duplass brothers are making so many movies
  7. TV is killing us
  8. Netflix is killing hs
  9. Piracy is killing us
  10. Digital is killing us
  11. We're fucked
  12. Jurassic World has made 2 billion dollars
  13. What's our version of Jurassic World
  14. Who is the next Chris Pratt
  15. Why don't young people go to the movies
  16. What do young men like
    No one knows
  17. You should write a movie about college
  18. Which beloved franchise has yet to be picked clean?
  19. Everything is sequels and reboots
    What can we reboot
  20. Write something about young people being young
    Similar to "Girls", but with more fun fellas! Let's hear it for the boys!!! Thanks @lenadunham
  21. All of the good writers are in TV
  22. What about a movie about Steve Jobs?
    Could be fun
  23. Do people like Ryan Reynolds?
    Not really