Meeting an old friend I haven't seen for MANY years for a few days in NYC. We're set with restaurants but are looking for some after dinner options for live music and comedy. Bonus points for out-of-the-way places that are hidden gems.
  1. Wyatt Cenac's "Night Train" show on Mondays in Brooklyn.
    Suggested by @Kat
  2. The Pit, where my roommate takes improv classes. Tons of shows daily.
    Suggested by @Kat
  3. Gypsy jazz at Barbès in Brooklyn
    Every Sunday night, Stephane Wrembel (the guy who wrote the theme to Midnight in Paris) plays a free show in a small room at the back of the bar. It's incredible. 6th ave and 9th street Park Slope.
    Suggested by @Hyner