(Requested by Robyn Cook).
  1. Scooter (the cat)
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    I got her from the Marin County shelter on the day of Princess Diana's funeral. She crawled into my arms when they opened the cage door - she basically picked me. She moved cross-country from California to Sanibel and has lived a life every cat should envy. Lots of porches from which to observe birds and lizards. And lots of sunny places to nap.
  2. Finn (9 year old black Lab)
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    Our goofiest guy. But he has a huge heart and loves everyone he meets. For many years, trouble was his middle name. We once returned from vacation to find a 2-page typewritten letter from to dog sitter - Finn had gotten into a can of white paint and tracked it all over the house as they tried to catch him. Now he's the doting patriarch of the pack, looking out for the others.
  3. Bear (8 year old black Lab)
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    Just the sweetest girl. Always happy, she even wags her tail while she eats. (None of our other dogs - past or present ever do that.). Bear wags her tail in a circle when she's really happy. And she's gradually taught each of the other dogs to do the same.
  4. Jack (7 year old black Lab)
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    Jack may not be the brightest pup in the pack. He eats rocks, is afraid to walk across hardwood floors, and often sleeps upside down. On the other hand, it's possible he's a ninja who is very well disguised....
  5. Madison (6 year old Jack Russell)
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    Small and mighty, Maddie is a big dog in a little body. She's smart, funny and even cuter now than when she was a puppy, She's my little sidekick, and she often joins me when I travel on business. She travels in an ordinary looking bag, so people often don't realize she's there. As a result, she's accompanied me unnoticed to a host of meetings, as well as some of the finest restaurants (Daniel, Bouley, Le Bernadine).
  6. Oliver (5 year old Jack Russell)
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    Madison was so awesome we thought she needed a pal. Oliver is her dude, and they hang together doing Jack Russell stuff the Labs just don't understand.
  7. This morning.
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    After 19 years, this morning turned out to be Scooter's last. The pups all seemed to know it was time, and each one of them gently licked her face. She had a wonderful kitty morning - with a nap in the sun and a small bowl of fresh cream. Then we sadly said goodbye to the "kitten with mittens." We'll miss you, Scooter.