Sanibel Island's Periwinkle Park is a tourist attraction in its own right. Here's why.
  1. They have an amazing collection of rescued exotic birds. Like this one.
  2. And this one ("Peaches") which kept grabbing @fats hand. He thought she just liked him. We thought she was trying to eat his finger.
  3. And these lovebirds.
  4. And this Toucan-looking guy.
  5. And the White Swans.
  6. Also a Black Swan.
  7. Some very colorful ducks.
  8. Including this one with the blue bill.
  9. And some other critters, like these lemurs.
  10. And monkeys.
  11. We definitely thought some of the birds would have been happier if they weren't in a cage. But they're rescues, so they probably wouldn't fare well in the wild.