Sanibel Island's Periwinkle Park is a tourist attraction in its own right. Here's why.
  1. They have an amazing collection of rescued exotic birds. Like this one.
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  2. And this one ("Peaches") which kept grabbing @fats hand. He thought she just liked him. We thought she was trying to eat his finger.
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  3. And these lovebirds.
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  4. And this Toucan-looking guy.
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  5. And the White Swans.
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  6. Also a Black Swan.
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  7. Some very colorful ducks.
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  8. Including this one with the blue bill.
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  9. And some other critters, like these lemurs.
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  10. And monkeys.
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  11. We definitely thought some of the birds would have been happier if they weren't in a cage. But they're rescues, so they probably wouldn't fare well in the wild.