Lawyers write lots of letters, many of them threatening legal action or disagreeing with other lawyers. Often they sign off in a way that reveals why people hate lawyers. Some of the worst:
  1. Govern yourself accordingly.
    Translation: I'm an asshole. Effectiveness Score: 0 out of 10. This usually makes me laugh. Then I plot ways to do exactly what I've been advised not to do.
  2. Awaiting your response.
    Seriously, dude? You haven't even sent the letter yet.
  3. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this regard.
    If I like you and we're working on the same side, this is ok - albeit a bit tedious. If we're not on the same side, I will plot ways not to cooperate in this regard.
  4. If I do not hear otherwise from you by [artificially imposed deadline], I will assume you are in agreement with the foregoing.
    Automatic response: I am in receipt of your letter. While I will not take the time to address each of the points you raise, please do not assume this constitutes agreement with your assertions.