The things that make me think, "Man, I wish I'd done that." But then I think, it's not too late...
  1. Burning Man
    No real camping, though. With the right group of friends, in a fully equipped motor coach, with an awesome chef...
  2. Kite Boarding
    This may happen soon.
  3. Driving cross country
  4. Being part of the crew for an epic boat trip (e.g., crossing the Atlantic or taking the Panama Canal en route to Maine)
  5. Sky Zone trampoline park
    The videos make this place look awesome! Sure, there's the whole "you could break your neck" argument. As well as the "you're too old for that" narrative. But I'm not yet dissuaded. Would go in a heartbeat if I could find a partner in crime. Jury is still out on this one, though I could probably be convinced.