I travel a lot. Not million-miler a lot, but usually three weeks out of the month. Most of these things seem obvious. But then again, I travel a lot.
  1. Don't overreact to delays.
    Delays are inevitable. There's little you can do other than try to reschedule before the alternatives are booked. Then just go with it. Give airport personnel a break. They're (usually) doing the best they can.
  2. Don't stop to rummage through your bags in the middle of the concourse.
    Or the minute you step off the plane, when there's a long line of people waiting behind you. Or at the bottom of the escalator.
  3. Never sit on a middle seat ever ever
    Suggested by @robyn
  4. If you're sitting next to me on a plane, don't take it personally if I put on my earphones rather than engaging in extended conversation.
    It's not that I don't like you. I don't know you. And it's highly unlikely we'll ever speak again. (Maybe it's just me, but after nearly 20 years of extensive business travel, I've yet to meet anyone on a plane with whom I've kept in touch.)
  5. If you find yourself in first class, don't drink like a fish just because the drinks are free.
    The flight attendant will hate you. Your seat mate will hate you. Depending on the length of the flight, you may end up hating yourself in the morning.
  6. Don't forget your manners.
    It's amazing how many people - and particularly other business travelers - abandon everything their mothers taught them about common courtesy. Don't be that guy who body checks the young mother in order to get on the plane first. It's not leaving until everyone is on board.
  7. Mind your cell phone voice.