An actual conversation between two youngish "businessmen" in suits, waiting for the hotel elevator. Overheard on the way from my room to the lobby.
  1. Dude 1: "I love this jacket." (He caresses the bright royal blue puffy down jacket, worn over his business suit.)
  2. Dude 2 (Playing along but clearly not enamored of the puffy jacket): Nice. But your suit coat sticks out at the bottom."
  3. Dude 1 (Either not hearing or not caring.) "Isn't it awesome?! It's great for travel because it's so light. My wife says I shouldn't wear it to work, but I don't care. I love it."
  4. Dude 2: "Yeah, it looks really warm. Nice color."
  5. Dude 1: (Bends down to tie his shoe after he enters the elevator, the sarcasm sailing over his head.) "Out of every jacket I've ever owned, I think this one's my favorite. Hands down." (Thoughtful pause.) "Without question."
  6. Dude 2: (Just nods.)
  7. Dude 1: "Before our meeting yesterday, I noticed that VP guy from Manufacturing was staring at it when I took it off. I was thinking to myself, 'Dude, you wish you had a jacket like this.' What a tool that guy is."
  8. Dude 2: "A tool, for sure."