Nothing was the same
  1. Where was Ari's daughter? College? Doesn't she at least deserve a mention?
  2. WHERE WAS SCOTT LAVIN? How can he just disappear from the storyline like that.
  3. As I recall in season 8, Turtle made some money off Avion, but at most a few million. Not enough to live the lifestyle he led on in the movie.
  4. Do the writers ask the famous people for cameos or do the famous people ask the writers to make cameos? Either way, who says no ?
  5. E didn't rep anything New York sports related.
  6. Disappointed in Kid Cudi's role. It's also comical that his 3-5 lines warranted an entire Complex interview outlining the dynamic of his relationship with Ari Gold.
  7. Was E wearing a boot in last scene? Is that from when he hurt himself trying to catch a Russell Wilson pass?
  8. Baron Davis cameo. Underrated.
  9. The Vince marriage storyline was finished before it even began.
  10. Was Kevin Connolly's name always before Adrian Grenier in the opening credits?