1. Mike Woodson has a mustache in the 2k games, but an entire goatee in real life
  2. 8 Crazy Nights
  3. White Tic Tacs taste like marshmallows when you first put them in your mouth
  4. Justin Bieber getting into bars and clubs when everyone knew he wasn’t 21
  5. JoJo and Freddy Adu dated back in 2005/2006
  6. There are still royal families in the world
  7. Mitch-A-Palooza signs say party is Thursday, but Will Ferrell doesn't want to drink because of his plans the next day, which is a Saturday
  8. The song “Where is the love” by Black Eyed Peas – does anyone not like it?
  9. Paper Trail album
  10. MTV Cribs – awesome show