1. Taking an Uber to a party and getting lost in the backwoods, the navigation failing because all service is gone
  2. A party that the cops break up before you can find the address
  3. That you can balance your hat on your knee when you're in the backseat of a car and you're not in the mood to wear it
  4. That someone's head fits into your shoulder/neck when you're in the backseat of a car and they're too tired to hold it up
  5. Feeling the weight of passing traffic even with your eyes closed
  6. A stack of beer cans that fall over
  7. When someone asks a question that you've wanted them to ask
  8. Neighbors, sometimes
  9. Feeling sleepy during the movie but feeling awake when the credits start
  10. Being awake amongst sleeping friends
  11. Very, very tall piles of gravel in empty lots
  12. Your car heater burning your knuckles while you grip the wheel but you hold on 'cause you remember the cold
  13. When a song ends as you pull into the driveway