Wiz has a lot of good stuff other than We Dem Boyz, No Sleep, and Black and Yellow. I'm not including The Thrill on this because if you are reading this list and don't know that song, you need to fix that. IT'S THE BEST WIZ SONG HANDS DOWN
  1. When I'm Gone
    There is a 1 min piano intro and then Wiz goes hard about how he loves his crew and doesn't take anything for granted. No other song to live by
  2. Stayin Out All Night
    How is this not a single off of Blacc Hollywood? You hear this song and just want to party. Yes, all night.
  3. Pittsburgh Sound
    Showing some Burgh bias here, but Wiz remembers his roots and loves his city. I'm technically not from Pittsburgh, but I personally consider this the subtitle of the city theme song that is Black and Yellow (even though this is much older)
  4. Say Yeah
    I think this is the song that really helped Wiz become well known within the rap community. I can still remember being at the Fitzgerald Field House when Wiz threw $1's on the front row during this song. How you've grown up my friend
  5. Remember You (ft. The Weeknd)
    Sure, you guys all know The Weeknd now mostly thanks to Drake. But Wiz also included him on his come up and Wiz really mixes up his flow and it sounds awesome
  6. Buss Down
    This is a song about Wiz's groupies before he was even famous enough to have groupies. What a boss, right? Bonus lyric: "I make her give me brains until she stupid"
  7. True Colors (ft. Nicki Minaj)
    This is nice and upbeat. Wiz really tries to sing in this one and I give him props for that. Nicki previews her, at the time, upcoming release of The Pinkprint. We all know how good that turned out
  8. This Plane
    Just a great song where Wiz gets a bunch of stuff off his chest. Tells those haters wassup
  9. Roll Up
    This was one of his very few unsuccessful singles, but I don't know why? It's catchy and Wiz is letting you know he's always gonna be there for you... girl
  10. Youngin' On His Grind
    This is the original "I'm making something of myself without your help" song
  11. No Gain
    Wiz talks a lot about how hard he works, and this is the best song that does this. Sometimes he is so stressed, he has to roll two!
  12. Thrown
    Listen to the original song Wiz sampled (Sky High by Jigsaw) and tell me he's not a genius. And he knows it
  13. Make It Hot
    This is another single that didn't get that far. The melody can really get stuck in your head. And, as you can tell, I love songs where Wiz talks himself up
  14. B.A.R. (Burn After Rolling)
    This song samples Pink Floyd! Then Wiz goes real hard on that track. Typical stoner
  15. Boarding Pass
    This has a catchy hook. And Wiz shows some real confidence in himself in the lyrics
  16. T.A.P (Take a Plane)
    Juicy J is in a lot of Wiz's stuff, but their best verses together are in this song. Two giants in the industry showing their stuff before Wiz actually gets super well known
  17. In the Cut
    Kush & OJ wasn't that great, but this song is good. It's an upbeat song about smoking, which is rare for Wiz. Most of his songs related to smoking are real chill and slow