@molly and I were lucky enough to win finale tickets this year
  1. Nerve-wracking
    First, the guard told will tell you he isn't allowed to take your pic in front of 30 rock. Come on, dude! This is once in a life-time
  2. Unreal
    When you walk in, you will think "Jen" of "Jen's Line" is going to punk you. You will look at the little yellow tickets over and over and think they are not real until you walk in the studio
  3. Hot
    You wait in line for about an hour and it is steamy. You have to pass through a metal detector just like in an airport. The pages are just like TSA. Everyone crams in an elevator to get to the 9th floor. But the studio is nice and cool
  4. Literally the most exciting pre-show jitters EVER
    You know you won't be on camera, but sitting in the seats just waiting for the clock to come down and the cast to come out for the cold opening is exhilarating. Some of the cast comes out to do stand up or sing to pump up the crowd
  5. Woo!!
    "Liiiive from New York, it's Saturday Night!!!" They said it and you were there! The cold opening was really good this specific show and now we were ready for Louis CK to do essentially a set as a monologue
  6. Hilarious
    No matter how much the show might "suck" to people watching on TV, nothing is like seeing a cast perform live sketches in person. Every joke is 100 times funnier and when the crowd gets into it together, there's not much that you won't laugh at
  7. Loud
    The musical act deafens you and those around you. This might be a one-time thing seeing as Ri-Ri uses tons of bass. But this isn't a complaint, it was awesome
  8. Short
    As you are so excited to be there, the time goes by very quickly. You just don't want the skit you are currently watching to be the last one. After Weekend Update, you know it's coming, but when? Hopefully, not soon
  9. Fulfilling
    When it's over and you walk out at 1am, you realize you finally did it! Checked something awesome off your bucket list that only a few thousand people get to see per year. You will look at reviews on your phone, but don't really care because you got to witness it. Now, you can spend all your time to try to get on Fallon