Here is how my 2015 went down.
  1. Went to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field.
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    Cross that off the bucket list.
  2. Gestated a human being.
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    I found out that I was pregnant on NYE 2014. 2015 will forever be the year of pregnancy.
  3. Took a canal boat vacation.
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    Rented a 70 foot canal boat and traversed the Kennet and Avon canal near Bath, England. Nobody went overboard and much tea was consumed, natch.
  4. Defended the rights of people with past criminal convictions.
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    I wrote briefs and filed cases on behalf of people with prior convictions who are trying to rebuild their lives. This is a picture of the New York Court of Appeals, where I wrote an amicus brief.
  5. Celebrated my grandfather's 90th bday at a Mets game.
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    This could only have been made more awesome if the Mets had proceeded to win the World Series. Maybe next year, Pop-Pop!
  6. Met my baby girl.
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    Maude Catherine dropped in September.