Sometimes a movie poster is amazing or amazingly terrible. Maybe it's super vague. Maybe it's heavily Photoshopped. Maybe it's just advertising a clearly terrible movie. Herewith, make your own synopsis for the film with as many plot points, characters, and other elements as you can fit in 5 sentences for the provided poster. Get creative!
  1. The poster
  2. Chrissy, a ballerina, and Blake, a violinist, fall in love in this updated Romeo and Juliet tale about the competitive departments of Juilliard. It all starts when the music dept. head refuses to allow her orchestra to accompany ballet performances because he thought they "lessened the credibility of his musicians to participate in such subpar
    performances." Insulted, the dance dept. head instructs his dancers to shun all musicians - prompting a shaky truce broken by the occasional prank, but holding steady for years. But when Chrissy and Blake meet at a Parsons art show (neutral territory) and fall in love, the truce is shattered and it's all out war. A hybrid of Center Stage, Whiplash, R&J, Hamlet 2, Oz (Blake has a brief stint in prison when wrongfully accused of breaking a dancer's leg), and Step Up 2: The Streets.
    Suggested by @saytrumbo