1. Feels like I'm betraying clothing when I get too fat to fit in them?
  2. Doesn't know what to do with that extra closet space?
  3. Wonders not if I am but just how disgusting I am on a comparable level to my peers?
  4. Doesn't know how to do the friend thing successfully?
  5. Just won't understand or Utilize snapchat?
  6. Isn't sure if my face always looks like that?
  7. Is happy living in the era I'm living in?
  8. Wants to talk about metaphysical, quantum mechanical, and pop cultural issues with equal verve?
  9. Is confused why trying to get people to like me always goes so wrong?
  10. Will try to figure out what beat would be wu tang approached based on my drumming on my chair?
  11. Prefers vanilla to chocolate?
  12. Wishes a continental European narrated my life?
  13. Doesn't remember the last day they made all the right decisions?
  14. Wants to eat cheese until you die from it?