Hit up the old hometown for the first time since moving to LA. Here's some of what went down
  1. It didn't even take me getting to my parents from the airport before getting a bagel
    Everything, lightly toasted, lox cream cheese, tomato, capers
  2. It didn't take me 24 hours before getting slices of pizza either
  3. Had belated Hanukkah with my moms family who have finally chilled the fuck out
    My kinda prickly and helicopter-parented cousin got back from his first semester at college and it's done wonders for his demeanor and social graces. Thank god. Also got my uncle some socks that said "whiskey" and he said they were "intoxicating" so uncle humor game is 💯
  4. Had for serious Christmas with my in laws
    Real deal Italians who refer to mozzarella cheese as "mutz". The teenage cousin wanted to listen to Drake instead of Bing Crosby. He was not humored.
  5. Realized my parents eat just so much cheese
    Easily 80-90% of the refrigerator at any given time.
  6. Spent a lot of time with my brothers
    One is a new dad and he's already got some grey in his beard. The other recently bought a house and spent a lot of time consulting with my handy father on fixing it up. Though that sounds adult together we acted like drunk children
  7. Saw the new Whitney
    So-so. Fun fact- French tourists don't know how to use revolving doors
  8. Had an adventure in frustration at DiFara's
    Look, it's amazing pizza. No question. But the place was shut for a private party and only doing takeaway via the next door business. Literally everyone was cold and angry with the imperfect system. While eventually my brother hustled some slices, we got matzoh ball soup at a deli nearby in the meanwhile
  9. Speaking of, soooo many hilariously unnecessary confrontations
    Maybe for another list. But man did I miss this angry fun time city
  10. Hangover
  11. NYE French dinner with friend fam
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    I made ratatouille. Was really good and so was everything else. Great base layer for the inebriated sloppiness to come
  12. Caught up with a lot of friends
    They're doing okay-ish. Maybe
  13. Went to see Marjorie Prime with my theater-loving mom
    A very good play. Maaaaaybe hit a nerve with her fears of aging and mortality. But it's goodness was undeniable. Thanks for the suggestion @thebfg you're the best
  14. Had coffee with @DanaDigsYou
    Internet friends in real life! Lemme tell ya, she's an astounding person to meet and has many cool things to say. We talked a lot of writing, dating, and writing about dating
  15. Felt alienated by the city surprisingly often
    Not that it's bad, not that it's good, it's a, y'know, place. And that felt kind of like all it was. Friends and family fill it with love for sure, but nothing much insofar as a sweeping sensation of nostalgic romance which I was sorta hoping for
  16. Of course there was a lot of this little lady
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    My niece. Almost a year old! They grow up so fast! And here I am with her father and her chubby cheeks
  17. One more photo of baby Kaia for posterity
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    She's gradually warming up to me
  18. Got to wait in the abysmal limbo of LaGuardia, where the living lose their color and the dead die further
    Otherwise, great trip!