There is no way to be objective. Allow me to ramble some. The best pizza in NYC is an almost philosophical question
  1. John's
    On Bleeker. This is the Manhattan pie. There is nothing too crazy but it is abjectly perfect. It tastes like honed systems. Quick, efficient, and high quality. This is the NYC reality of "do things well and fast because there's no time to waste" in pizza form
  2. DiFara's
    The Brooklyn pie. Slow and handcrafted, you can feel the difference between every pie you order. If you don't like how they do it, or that you have to wait, or anything else, they'll be first to tell you that you can get lost. But this is grandmastery
  3. Franny's
    The nouveau pie. Cheese will only be on it when specified. Usually you don't know what 2-3 ingredients listed actually are but tend to be esoteric cured meats or peppers
  4. Pino's la Forchetta
    What really matters. The slice I grew up with. Everyday in elementary school I would spend 1.50 on a slice and a Dixie cup of soda. When I got high in high school this was munchies. On New Years they'd leave out liqueurs like courvosier for free for people to celebrate. Whatever the blogs say this will always be the best pizza in NYC to me because it is home. I'm also willing to fight anyone who doesn't like it