Inspired by @meg1
  1. Fallback plan: Peace Corps
  2. Talked lots about her fears
  3. Was stripper, didn't mind
  4. Bad "sleep no more" company
  5. Husband wanted to watch
  6. Cartoons and making out
  7. Mortal Kombat and XXX
  8. Talking fashion, listening to bluegrass
  9. Vienna is boring but romantic
  10. nostalgic for bad Chinese food
  11. Blew it in Buenos Aires
  12. Your Yelp friends suck
  13. "My vagina smells terrible" "oh?"
  14. "I sucked in art school anyway"
    After not believing me no fighting me that I was dead wrong when I said Andy Warhol was famous in the 60s and then googling the very obvious answer
  15. Walking 70 Manhattan blocks
  16. Niagara Falls. Classic