1. To golden retrieve
    To live without worry for large concerns and higher cognitive functions and appreciate life's little things with great enthusiasm; to 'fire on few cylinders' but be really sweet. "Tim golden retrieved through most of his life and while he couldn't multiply 8x7 he always had a smile"
  2. To French bulldog
    To have trouble with basic motor skills and bodily functions despite incredible effort. "Getting the flu made me French bulldog for a week, I couldnt breathe without snorting and couldn't eat without puking"
  3. To dachshund
    To freak the fuck out at the slightest provocation only to regain composure a short while later. "When Janet was told her car was towed she dachshunded in the street but then called the tow company"
  4. To Great Dane
    To feel like you are incapable of moving your limbs due to fatigue. "Kim hit the gym so hard she spent the rest of the day great Daning"
  5. To German shepherd
    To put on a threatening appearance but actually be very kind. "Whenever Andre the giant wrestled he would German Shepard until it was time to sign autographs for the kids"
  6. To corgi
    To use a genetic, bodily, or other innate advantage to succeed. "Because I was so short I could corgi through the limbo competition" "tall skinny people can corgi their way to a modeling career"
  7. To border collie
    To maintain health and good humor despite difficulty with the task at hand. "Even though they had been walking in the deep snow for three hours she border collied until they got home"